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Table 3 Diagnostic Criteria (International Team for the Revision of the International Criteria for Behcet’s 2014)

From: Primary angiitis of the CNS (PACNS) and Behçet disease

Criteria Points
Eye involvement (Uveitis/Iritis with hypopyon, Retinitis) 2
Genital ulcerations (usually heals with scars) 2
Oral ulcerations (usually 3 x per year, no sequelae) 2
Skin lesions (Erythema nodosum, folliculitis, sterile pustulae) 1
Neuro-Behçet (no isolated headache) 1
Vascular manifestation (venous or arterial thromboses, aneurysms) 1
Positive pathergy test (optional) 1
  1. 4 Points: possible, 5 Points: very probable, 6 Points: almost certain diagnosis (94% sensitivity, 90% specificity)