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Table 4 Dosage Details for Remission-inducing Immunosuppressive Therapy in Initial Manifestations which impair Organ Function or are Life-threatening, or in Major Recurrences of an AAV [24, 56, 64]

From: Cerebral involvement in systemic vasculitides

Prednisolone 1 mg/kg (maximal 80 mg) daily, reduction to 7.5–10 mg daily within 12 weeks
RTX 375 mg/m2 i.v. weekly for 4 weeks
CYC-Bolus Therapy 15 mg/kg (maximal 1200 mg) i.v., the first 3 boli at 14-day intervals, the following3 boli (and others as indicated) at 21-day intervals
Oral CYC Therapy 2 mg/kg (maximal 200 mg daily)
  1. Abbreviation: i.v. Intravenous