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Table 7 EULAR/ACR-Classification Criteria for SLE (2018)

From: Cerebral involvement in systemic vasculitides

Scoring points of organ manifestations
 Constitutional symptoms
  Fever 2
  Non-scarring alopecia 2
  Oral ulcers 2
  Subacute-cutaneous or discoid LE 4
  Acute cutaneous LE 6
  Synovitis in ≥2 joints or pressure pain in ≥2 joints with morning stiffness ≥30 min 6
  Delirium 2
  Psychosis 3
  Seizure 5
  Pleural or Pericardial extravasation 5
  Acute pericarditis 6
  Leukopenia 3
  Thrombopenia 4
  Autoimmunohemolysis 4
  Proteinuria > 0.,5 g/24 h 4
  Lupus nephritis (histol.) Type II, V 8
  Lupus nephritis (histol.) Type III, IV 10
Scoring points of immunologic findings
 Antiphospholipid antibodies
  aCL > 40 GPL or aß2GPI > 40 GPL or LA + 2
  C3 or C4 reduced 3
  C3 and C4 reduced 4
 Specific auto-antibodies
  a-ds-DNS-Ab 6
  a-Sm-Ab 6
  1. Prerequisite: ANA (HEp2-IFT) ≥ 1:80.  Classification as SLE starting at 10 points.Only the highest score within each domain is used for the total score. A criterion is not counted if another, more likely cause is present (such as for example infection, NPL, medications or other diseases). Criteria must not be concurrently present, a criterion is met if it was present in the documentation on one occasion, at least one criterion must be currently present