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Fig. 1

From: New alternative splicing variants of the ATXN2 transcript

Fig. 1

a Scheme of known ataxin-2 protein domains, with the site that is recognized by the monoclonal BD antibody. b Western-blot for ataxin-2 in different cell lines and mouse brain. Non-transfected and transfected (labelled 22 to indicate recombinant human wildtype ataxin-2 with a polyglutamine tract of 22 units) HeLa and HEK293, transfected COS-7 cell lysates as well as mouse brain and cerebellum lysates were loaded on a 8% SDS-PAGE gel. Detection of ataxin-2 in the transfected cells showed 2 bands, corresponding to the endogenous (lower band) and the transfected ataxin-2 protein (upper band), in comparison to the presence of a unique endogenous ataxin-2 band in the non-transfected cell lysates, in mouse brain and cerebellum extracts

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