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Fig. 5

From: New alternative splicing variants of the ATXN2 transcript

Fig. 5

The presence of CAG repeat expansion does not abolish the appearance of splice variants. Lanes: 1-normal human fibroblasts (Ctrl); 2-SCA2 fibroblasts with 41 CAG repeats; 3-SCA2 fibroblasts with 38 CAG repeats. The three lines of fibroblasts presented splicing in exon 10 (a), exon 12 b and exon 24 (c). RNA loading was controlled in an additional gel with detection of GAPDH mRNA RT-PCR products (d). Ataxin-2 mRNA and splice variants in mouse cerebral cortex (lane 4), cerebellum (lane 5), liver (lane 6) showed the same exon pattern as above

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