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Fig. 3

From: Computer-aided imaging analysis in acute ischemic stroke – background and clinical applications

Fig. 3

Acute LVO with insufficient collateral flow and extended infarction despite successful recanalization: An 84-year-old woman suffered from an acute hemiparesis (NIHSS 14) due to an M1 right-sided M1-occlusion. e-ASPECTS (a) was 8 due to early signs of infarction in the caudate head and lentiform nucleus, e-CTA collateral score (b) was 1 (21%), and there was a large area of hypoperfusion with an only moderate mismatch (c). Neurological deficit persisted (NIHSS 12) despite full recanalization (mTICI 3) within 5 h from symptom onset and follow up NCCT at 24 h (d) shows near complete infarction of the MCA territory. Note the difference of the arterial vessels (b, blue colour) compared to the opposite side as well as the reduced parenchymal contrast (b, orange cloud) on the affected side

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