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Fig. 4

From: Computer-aided imaging analysis in acute ischemic stroke – background and clinical applications

Fig. 4

Acute LVO with sufficient collateral flow, successful recanalization and good outcome: A 77-year-old woman suffered from an acute hemiparesis and aphasia (NIHSS 17) due to an left-sided M1 occlusion. As in case 1, e-ASPECTS (a) was 8 with the caudate head and lentiform nucleus being affected, but e-CTA collateral score was 2 (54%, b), and the hypoperfused area (c) is considerably smaller. Again, full recanalization (mTICI 3) could be achieved within 5 h from symptom onset, and the patient recovered completely (NIHSS 0). Follow up MRI at 36 h (d) shows incomplete infarction of the striate only

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