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Fig. 1

From: Inpatient TIA and stroke care in adult patients in Germany - retrospective analysis of nationwide administrative data sets of 2011 to 2017

Fig. 1

Distribution of inpatient TIA and stroke cases by diagnostic sub-types in Germany between 2011 and 2017, n = 2.853.370. a) considering the spectrum of diagnosis typically being treated on SUs and ICUs including TIA (ICD G45, I60, I61, I63, and I64). b) only considering hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke diagnoses (ICD I60, I61, and I63). G45 = transient ischemic attack, TIA; I63 = acute ischemic stroke, AIS; I64 = stroke not specified; I60 = subarachnoid hemorrhage, SAH; I61 = intracerebral hematoma, ICH

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