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Table 3 Assessments used in the study reflecting the components participation of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health

From: Protocol for a multicenter observational prospective study of functional recovery from stroke beyond inpatient rehabilitation - The Interdisciplinary Platform for Rehabilitation Research and Innovative Care of Stroke Patients (IMPROVE)

Stroke impact scale (SIS)Measurement of subjective stroke-specific health status, 64 items in eight domains, domain scores range between 0 and 100, with higher scores represent better health status [11]. Since this questionnaire includes questions about stroke impact in the last 4 weeks, it is applicable starting from the first follow-up after 3 months.
Index for measuring restrictions on participation (IMET)The Index of measurement of participation restrictions (IMET) records patient-related participation as a self-evaluation tool, on a scale from 0 = no impairment to 10 = no more activity possible [10].
Patient Health Questionnaire 4The Patient Health Questionnaire 4 is a screening tool for diagnosing depression and includes questions on the nine DSM-IV criteria for the diagnosis of major depression [25].
Patient reported health status (EQ-5D)The EQ-5D questionnaire is a standardized, generic measure of health-related quality of life. It is a self-administered questionnaire [22, 20].
Return to workA questionnaire developed by the research group (including questions on occupation and lifestyle).
ZAPAQuestionnaire assessing satisfaction with outpatient care with focus on patient participation [36].