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Table 2 Regions with changed functional connectivity in functional illiterates (FI) before training (n = 20) compared to controls in different networks

From: Changed functional connectivity at rest in functional illiterates after extensive literacy training

Brain regionHemisphereMNI coordinatesCluster sizep (FWE)
Controls < FI before training
  Middle Frontal GyrusL−381440240.03
  Middle Frontal GyrusR461640550.02
  Frontal Orbital CortexL−2220−22300.02
BG Network
  Supramarginal Gyrus, posterior divisionR56−4026240.03
Controls > FI before training
Visual Network
  Lateral Occipital Cortex, inferior divisionL−36−78−4260.03
  Insular CortexL−3414−12840.02