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Table 1 Trial schedule on interventions and outcome visits

From: Vojta therapy improves postural control in very early stroke rehabilitation: a randomised controlled pilot trial

 Visit 1
(daya 2 [+/− 1])
(before therapy)
Visit 2
(daya 5 [+/− 1])
Visit 3
(daya 9 [+/− 1])
(after therapy)
Visit 4
(dayb 90[+/− 5])
(phone contact)
mRSx xx
Barthel Indexx xx
  1. TCT = Trunk Control Test, NIHSS=National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale, CBS=Catherine Bergego Scale, MESUPES = Motor Evaluation Scale for Upper Extremity in Stroke Patients, mRS = modified Rankin Scale
  2. a day after admission to hospital
  3. b day after stroke onset
  4. c Assessment before and after therapy
  5. d primary outcome measure
  6. e Assessment only after therapy