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Table 3 Spearman’s correlations between the GVMBT and the BBS and the TUG

From: Cross-cultural adaption and validation of the German version of the Mini-BESTest in individuals after stroke: an observational study

Measurement instruments

Spearman’s rho with the GVMBT


n = 50




− 0.85***

  1. The correlation coefficient (rs) is interpreted as follows: 0–0.25 little or no relationship; 0.25–0.50 fair relationship; 0.50–0.75 moderate to good relationship and above 0.75 good to excellent relationship [24]
  2. GVMBT German version of the Mini-Balance Evaluation Systems Test, BBS Berg Balance Scale, TUG Timed "Up & Go"
  3. *** p < .001