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Table 3 Details of the vercise™ neuromodulation system (Boston Scientific Corporation (BSC))

From: Combined subthalamic and nucleus basalis of Meynert deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease with dementia (DEMPARK-DBS): protocol of a randomized, sham-controlled trial

Vercise TM IPG Kit Model Nr. DB-1110-C
Vercise TM Lead Kit, 30 cm Model Nr. DB-2201-30-C
55 cm 8 Contact Extension Kit Model Nr. NM-3138-55
Vercise TM Physician’s Spare Kit Model Nr. DB-2500-C
Vercise TM Clinician Programmer (M400) Model Nr. DB-7151-20-C
Tunneling Tool, 35 cm Long Model Nr. SC-4254
Holder, IR Interface Model Nr. NM-4502
Vercise TM Charging Collar Aceesseries Model Nr. DB-6300-C
Vercise TM Remote Control Kit Model Nr. DB-5500-C
Vercise TM Remote Control w/batteries (Ti) Model Nr. DB-5212-C
Vercise TM Charging System Kit Model Nr. DB-6412-EU-C
Charger Model Nr. NM-5312
Base Station Model Nr. NM-5305
D4 Splitter 2 × 4 Model Nr. SC-3304-xx