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Table 3 Variables reported in the literature to consider for inclusion into future ICH prediction scores

From: Prognostication after intracerebral hemorrhage: a review

Physiologic variables APACHE score [26, 60]
Serum hemoglobin [61]
Serum neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio [62, 63]
Cerebral perfusion pressure and partial pressure of oxygen in interstitial brain tissue (PbtO2) [64]
Serum iron/ferritin/transferrin [65]
Chronic kidney disease [66]
Imaging Variables IVH expansion [50, 51, 67]
Peak PHE [68]
Spot sign/island sign/black hole sign/blend sign [69]
Non contrast CT-Hypodensities on CT [69, 70]
EEG variables Electrographic seizures [71]
Periodic discharges [71]
  1. ICH intracerebral hemorrhage, IVH intraventricular hemorrhage, PHE perihemorrhagic edema, CT computed toography