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Table 1 Lecture topics

From: New concepts in neurology education: successful implementation of flipped classroom lectures

Introduction, Metabolic diseases of the CNS
Autoimmune diseases of the CNS 1: Multiple sclerosis
Autoimmune diseases of the CNS 2: limbic encephalitis, paraneoplastic diseases
Infections of the CNS: meningitis, encephalitis (e.g. lyme disease, HIV, zoster)
Dizziness, vertigo
Primary headache
Neuropathic pain, facial pain
Differential diagnoses spinal syndromes
Cerebrovascular diseases 1: ischemic stroke
Cerebrovascular diseases 2: hemorrhagic stroke
Cranial nerve syndromes
Hypokinetic movement disorders 1: IPS
Hypokinetic movement disorders 2: APS
Hyperkinetic movement disorders: tremor, dystonia
Sleep disorders, RLS, narcolepsy
Diseases of the peripheral nervous system and muscles
Dysimmune neuropathies
Motor neuron disease
Neuromuscular diseases: myasthenia, lambert eaton syndrome
Chorea, ataxia
Irreversible loss of brain function